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Virtual Change Facilitation™
Appreciative Inquiry

Are you having trouble reaching real change

at your workplace?

Do you want to create change in your organization but don't know where to start?

You are in the right place!!!


I will have you or your organization dreaming big, designing actionable steps, and supporting you in implementing them!

We will build on team strengths and not on its failures.

You will reach your goals in no time at all through a

positive psychology approach (Appreciative Inquiry) with

proven virtual educational design called

Virtual Change Facilitation™.

Contact me to schedule a free strategy call! 

What is Appreciative Inquiry and why it helps!


Think of the best thing that has happened to you today.

If you did that, then you’ve experienced a moment of positivity.

And you probably feel better.

That’s what Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is all about

connecting with people through what’s good.

AI is an effective way to bring about positive change

both on an individual and systemic level.


My trainings focus on how to use the approach in your everyday practice,

virtually or in person.

You will see how this proven solution-focused, positive psychology approach will help you better engage colleagues in your workplace and with your clients.  

With better engagement, you can move from being stuck in someone else’s trauma or defensive reactions to creating healing-centered energy.


Learning Objectives: What you’ll learn in my workshops:  

  • 5 Principles of Appreciative Inquiry  

  • How to apply each principle in your practice/workplace 

  •  How to set the tone and create safe/brave space agreements  

  • Fun activities you can use to increase connectedness  

  • Feel more confident and inspired to help clients thrive.

Past customized VCF projects using Appreciative Inquiry include:

Colorado Youth-Led Policy Change Academy

See the incredible results from the 10-week Colorado Youth-Led Policy Change Academy below!

SLI -2.png

Appreciative Inquiry: A Healing Centered Approach to Student Engagement Workshop

for the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene - Office of School Health Physicians

 “We were honored to have you share your expertise with our clinicians. We extend our gratitude to you for your contributions to our understanding of [this] Healing Centered Approach through Appreciative Inquiry.”

Cheryl L., Medical Director

NY Office of School Health

VCF CO Youth-led Policy Change Academy Report FINAL_Page_02.jpg

Virtual Change Facilitation leads to policy, practice, and program change goals!

Created and conducted by Debra Cady, LCSW and Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator



Virtual Change Facilitation™ (VCF) is built on 2 foundational concepts, Appreciative Inquiry and Virtual educational design.


First, VCF™ uses a collaborative, strengths-based approach to both personal and organizational development that is proven to be highly effective in thousands of organizations and communities in hundreds of countries around the world called Appreciative Inquiry (AI).  It is a way of bringing about change that shares leadership and learning, fully engaging everyone in the organization or community.


AI is built on a deceptively simple premise: that organizations grow in the direction of what they repeatedly ask questions about and focus their attention on. AI does not focus on changing people. Instead, it invites people to engage in building the kinds of organizations, communities, and programs they dream to live and work in. AI is a different approach to strategic planning.


Having an AI workgroup is a great way work together as a team of stakeholders to build on strengths; to set your goals; and design action plans that will achieve your dream outcomes. AI focuses on dissecting what works and building on those experiences. The collective strengths of your group will form the foundation (positive core) you will use to create or improve your system, program, or policy change.


Bring out the best of your team and focus on what works, not hurts through Appreciative Inquiry! It takes a great deal of creative energy to create aspirational goals and a great deal of positive energy to implement the tasks and activities to achieve them. That’s why Appreciative Inquiry works.


AI focuses on leveraging the “positive core” of the system to design and re-design more effective services and supports rather than a focus on overcoming it’s deficits. Linking the positive core to any change agenda creates and mobilizes topics never thought before possible.


Secondly, the way I conduct VCF™, is by applying proven educational design, using Gagne's 9 events of instruction and Bloom's taxonomy. This way in a virtual environment, I am able to assure that participants are able to ready and able to learn the strategies that will lead to change. VCF builds the capacity of participants to continue and sustain change initiatives on their own. 

Lastly, I will customize your VCF to design activities and an agenda that specifically addresses and achieves your goals. So we’ll set up pre-meetings to individualize the workgroup content and engage in regular check-ins and post-meeting to review progress and pivot when necessary. 


What to Expect, participants will:

  • Be engaged, energized, and actively involved in each workgroup segment

  • Learn AI practices and apply them easily to enhance and sustain current practices

  • Become VCF Champions (positive core group) to lead future change efforts

  • Co-create action plans to implement 1-2 policy change

Delivery of the VCF includes mini-lectures, and experiential learning (individual, pairs, trios, small group, and large group), access to the learning platform, as well as auditory and visual materials to enhance the learning experience.

Timeframes: We’ll meet to determine dates/times best for you and your organization.

We will start with a free strategy call to assess your needs so we can design your experience based on your purpose, outcomes, and budget. ​

Fill out the form below and you will hear from Debra within 48 hours.

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Virtual Change Facilitation™

Looking for more information, or would like to customize the program for your organization? Let's connect!

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Debra Cady



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