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How to Achieve Real, Lasting, and Positive Change

Change is hard for most people. In fact, two-thirds of people don’t like to leave their comfort zone,
ever. But most of the time, teaching your employees new skills, implementing a new process, or
doing any kind of improvement project means you’re expecting them to change in some way.

Change how they do their jobs.
Change what job duties they perform.
Change how to approach different aspects of their jobs.

Most organizations are aware of people’s aversion to change and try to make that transition easier by training their managers on how to assist their staff with accepting the changes. Or organizations get a consultant to prepare their employees for an upcoming change through workshopping sessions.


To add to the already "change phobic" population, we need to understand that globally, an astonishing 70% of individuals have encountered various forms of trauma. When confronted with yet another workplace transformation, the prospect of overwhelming stress looms large.

Discover in this white paper the powerful synergy of Appreciative Inquiry and Trauma-Informed Principles, which empowers change leaders to help individuals navigate workplace changes with greater ease and reduced stress.

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