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Empathetic Leadership: Conflict Resolution for Managers

Explore 'Empathetic Leadership: Conflict Resolution Workshop for Managers' and delve into the four key tenets of Empathetic Communication: observations, feelings, needs, and requests. This workshop, based on the principles of Empathetic Communication, empowers you to navigate conflicts with precision and empathy. Enhance your leadership skills by mastering the art of understanding, connecting with the core needs and emotions of your team, and making effective requests. Transform workplace conflicts into opportunities for growth and collaboration.


Stacy Huff, M.S., is a passionate advocate for effective conflict resolution and a dedicated student of human behavior. Currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Research Methodology with a focus on Program Evaluation, Stacy brings a unique blend of expertise to the world of conflict resolution. Her academic journey is enriched with a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies, underlining her commitment to fostering peace and harmony. Stacy is also a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional, emphasizing her deep understanding of the emotional toll that conflicts can take.


Stacy's specialization lies in Empathetic Communication which is an invaluable tool in resolving disputes with empathy and sensitivity. Her innovative approach to conflict resolution aims to transform confrontations into opportunities for growth and understanding.


Join Stacy in her workshop to gain practical insights and skills for resolving workplace conflicts with compassion and sensitivity. Discover the power of Empathetic Communication practices in creating a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Empathetic Leadership: Conflict Resolution for Managers

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