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Silver Linings
Facilitators' Collective

Unlock your potential with Silver Linings Facilitators’ Collective: a transformative learning community dedicated to turning your challenges into opportunities for success. Join our community of facilitators and benefit from ongoing learning opportunities, discussions, and resource sharing, to tackle challenges and enhance their facilitation techniques. 


This collective uses a mastermind format to engage facilitators to create more inclusive and effective group interactions, fostering professional growth and impactful facilitation. Join now to start your journey towards success!

Everyone who has completed the Facilitator’s Path to Impact and Influence, from beginners to experts. Whether you are running a meeting, conducting a training, or facilitating systems change, this is the right place to be for confidential help with all your facilitation needs.

Silver Linings Facilitators' Collective

Third Friday of each month 2-3pm ET

Monthly Membership: $55

or save $163 with a Yearly Membership: $497

What Clients Say

“Debra was very positive and encouraging, provided great resources, made it clear to understand the steps to take, what was expected, and provided time in class to work on it.”

- Victoria R., Behavioral health Manager - North Carolina

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