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Facilitator's Path
to Influence and Impact

Join us for a transformative 2-part facilitation workshop series designed to elevate your facilitation skills. Connect with like-minded professionals, refine your expertise, and leave a lasting impact. Perfect for those dedicated to fostering safe, inclusive spaces.


In the first session, delve into the essential foundations of facilitation, blending trauma-informed practices with the power of appreciative inquiry. Discover how to cultivate environments where every voice is respected and heard.


In the second session, dive into a dynamic exploration of common facilitation challenges. Through engaging activities such as brainstorming, role plays, and practical exercises, sharpen your abilities and boost your confidence to tackle any scenario head-on.

The Facilitator's Path workshop is perfect for professionals who are seeking to enhance their facilitation skills:


  • Educators

  • Trainers

  • Coaches

  • HR professionals

  • Team leaders & project managers

  • Therapists

  • Community organizers. 


This workshop series is designed for both seasoned facilitators and newcomers aiming to adopt trauma-informed practices and cultural humility.

Facilitator's Path to Influence and Impact™

  • Facilitator's Path Workshops AND 1-mo. membership to the Facilitators' Collective: $697

  • Alumni (Past Participants of the Facilitator's Path Workshop): $297

  • Facilitators' Collective Active Members: $97

* Day 1 - Foundations

* Day 2 - Toolbox: Icebreakers

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