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Launch My Idea™

The Launch My Idea™ Academy offers a comprehensive training program designed to equip professionals across various industries with the skills needed to execute effective project planning and management. Leveraging the LMI™ 8-step project planning process, this program is tailored to instill best practices for risk minimization, stakeholder engagement, and achieving impactful outcomes for projects of any scale.


Spanning 10 weeks, with 2 weeks off in between, the Academy combines 16 hours of interactive virtual training with personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, catering to both seasoned practitioners and newcomers. Participants will master the LMI™ 8-step planning process, preparing them to design and deliver projects that are engaging, risk-aware, and yield high-impact results.

Expect to dedicate an additional 1-2 hours weekly for project work, a small investment for the significant advantage of developing a tangible, actionable project. This immersive experience not only enhances your project planning capabilities but also positions you to make a meaningful difference in your professional field.

Launch My Idea™ (LMI) Academy

The Launch My Idea™ Academy is 8 sessions of virtual training plus coaching to learn our LMI™ 8 Step planning process for business project planning success that mitigates risks and enhances the benefits of your intended audience(s). Get the traction, knowledge, and support you need to launch your project.

Starts on July 24, 2024 2-4pm ET 

LMI 8 Step Planning Process

  • Learn a technique you can use to discover your own and others’ underlying purpose for Y/YA involvement in your event or activity.

  • Uncover the real purpose for the event/activity.

  • Dream big and articulate the outcome(s) you wish to achieve 

  • Identify a vivid and powerful creative expression to keep you motivated to achieve your outcome(s).

  • Gain insights that empower you to choose the right method of youth involvement and participation that will align with your outcomes.

  • Understand and apply Hart's Ladder of non-tokenizing, non-traumatizing participant engagement.

  • Learn how to conduct a Cognitive Behavioral Analysis (CBA) that has been adapted to uncover benefits and risks for Y/YA events/activities. 

  • Analyze benefits/risks and discover remedies to minimize risk and enhance benefits

  • Learn how to use your benefit/risk analysis to identify, review, and update or create needed practices, training, policies, agreements, and/or procedures for your chosen Y/YA involvement event/activity. 

  • Set a safe and solid foundation of readiness for minimizing risk, and enhancing the benefits of Y/YA involvement

  • Create an action plan that will provide steps and actions to implement your project and reach your outcome(s).

  • Create a project description for various audiences

  • Draft a budget

  • Identify potential participants

  • Learn how to identify the stages of change in youth and young adults and other audiences in your project using the Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM). 

  • Learn how to leverage the stages of change of your various audiences to increase likelihood of reaching your desired outcome and to maximize change in your project.

  • Learn how to conduct a self-assessment by looking for gaps and opportunities and making enhancements. 

  • Learn common unintended consequences of Y/YA involvement and how to apply LMI™ 8 Points of Best Practice to mitigate these effects.

  • Increase your critical thinking skills by assessing other Y/YA projects and being able to identify enhancements and modifications.

What Clients Say

“This course has given me the confidence to complete my job tasks. This course has been so impactful in my day to day duties. I can also apply these methods in my personal life.”


Ginger H., Youth Engagement Coordinator - Tennessee

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