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Launch My Idea™ Academy

The Launch My Idea™ Academy teaches professionals how to plan youth/young adult-involved events and activities using the LMI™ 8-step project planning process. This best practice will provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities, you will be able to minimize or mitigate risk, eliminate tokenism, and maximize positive outcomes for youth and young adults, as well as your agency.

The LMI™ Academy is an 8-week course that includes 16 hours of virtual training with 3-4 one-on-one coaching sessions! It is designed to help both experienced and novice adult allies of transition-age youth, learn the LMI™ best practice 8 Step planning process to create and implement non-tokenizing, low-risk, high-impact youth/young adult (Y/YA) involvement events and activities.

The coursework, leading to creating and planning your project will add 1-2 additional hours of work per week, and it’s worth it! The more time you put into your project, the more successful you will be in creating a real-life actionable project.

Learning Objectives for the LMI 8 Steps: 

  • Learn a technique you can use to discover your own and others’ underlying purpose for Y/YA involvement in your event or activity.

  • Uncover the real purpose for the event/activity.

  • Dream big and articulate the outcome(s) you wish to achieve 

  • Identify a vivid and powerful creative expression to keep you motivated to achieve your outcome(s).

  • Gain insights that empower you to choose the right method of youth involvement and participation that will align with your outcomes.

  • Understand and apply Hart's Ladder of non-tokenizing, non-traumatizing participant engagement.

  • Learn how to conduct a Cognitive Behavioral Analysis (CBA) that has been adapted to uncover benefits and risks for Y/YA events/activities. 

  • Analyze benefits/risks and discover remedies to minimize risk and enhance benefits

  • Learn how to use your benefit/risk analysis to identify, review, and update or create needed practices, training, policies, agreements, and/or procedures for your chosen Y/YA involvement event/activity. 

  • Set a safe and solid foundation of readiness for minimizing risk, and enhancing the benefits of Y/YA involvement

  • Create an action plan that will provide steps and actions to implement your project and reach your outcome(s).

  • Create a project description for various audiences

  • Draft a budget

  • Identify potential participants

  • Learn how to identify the stages of change in youth and young adults and other audiences in your project using the Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM). 

  • Learn how to leverage the stages of change of your various audiences to increase likelihood of reaching your desired outcome and to maximize change in your project.

  • Learn how to conduct a self-assessment by looking for gaps and opportunities and making enhancements. 

  • Learn common unintended consequences of Y/YA involvement and how to apply LMI™ 8 Points of Best Practice to mitigate these effects.

  • Increase your critical thinking skills by assessing other Y/YA projects and being able to identify enhancements and modifications.

It's Perfect For...

Any staff member responsible for creating or improving an event or activity such as a mental wellness campaign, youth advisory council, provider collaborative, or drop-in center for youth/young adults (to name a few) can include direct care staff, youth coordinators,
and managers. The possibilities are endless!

Youth and Family Coordinators
Program Managers/Supervisors
Peer Specialists
Advocates for youth and vulnerable populations

Learn More about LMI Academy and Train the Trainer

The Academy Experience

The most recent 25 graduates who completed LMI in the last 6 months said

they also experienced positive development in these extra skill areas as a result of completing the LMI Academy!! 


New Projects






Developing Leadership

LMI™ Train the Trainer Course

Coming next year 2025


Learn how to facilitate the LMI™ 8-step project planning process in your community! 

This 8-week Train the Trainer intensive, which can be taken along with or after completing LMI™, provides the highest standard for involving vulnerable populations on boards, councils, panels, events, or activities.


This is the only train-the-trainer program available that teaches participants how to teach others the exclusive LMI™ 8-Step process and best practice approach to creating projects that protect youth/young adults. 

During eight 60-minute sessions, we will provide a workbook, facilitation, presentations, problem-solving techniques, coaching, and a safe space for connecting with others doing the same impactful work in their communities. 

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Trauma-Informed Youth Engagement Workshop Series

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Supervisor Program

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Appreciative Inquiry
Summits & Workgroups

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Silver Linings

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