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 Trauma-Informed Supervisors™

 Learn how to help staff do better work and feel happier at their job by learning how to create an environment where they feel safe, and you can trust them, give them choices, work together, encourage them, and respect their differences.   Designed for human services agencies, this supervisory course focuses weekly sessions on how to apply each of SAMHSA’s 6 trauma-informed principles to your supervisory approach.


We'll focus on applying trauma-informed principles to your supervisory approach so you can retain staff, increase productivity, connect with all generations in the workplace, and reduce your stress. Individual coaching will help support you in applying the principles, techniques, and tools learned within your role. Customized group coaching is also available.

Trauma-Informed Supervisors will benefit new and seasoned supervisors alike. We'll focus on applying trauma-informed principles to your supervision approach and teach you how to build better teams, improve retention, and support staff with lived experiences/trauma backgrounds – it’s good for everyone.


Join if you want to: 

  • Become familiar with trauma-informed principles.

  • Stop the revolving door of staff turnover.

  • Connect with diverse generations in their workplace.

  • Discover new tools & techniques for supervising effectively

  • Be trauma-responsive to your staff that have lived experiences or experienced past trauma so you and your staff can thrive in the workplace.

Trauma Informed Supervisors™

*Early Bird Pricing Ends May 17, 2024*

*Early Bird Pricing Ends June 30, 2024*

*Early Bird Pricing Ends Aug 1, 2024*

4 weekly sessions with an individual consultation session: $697 | Early Bird Pricing:  $597​

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