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Virtual Change Facilitation

At SLI, we've pioneered the Virtual Change Facilitation™ process, a groundbreaking approach that unites diverse stakeholders to drive positive system change. Grounded in the principles of appreciative inquiry and informed by trauma-informed principles, our unique facilitation method is designed specifically for virtual environments, ensuring highly interactive and effective strategic planning, summits, and workgroups.


Over 70% of strategic plans end in failure. However, Appreciative Inquiry stands out as a highly effective approach in altering this trend. Its success stems from its grounding in the present reality, its adaptability, fostering positive emotions and buy-in, and its ability to inspire participation among individuals.


Join us in embracing change with optimism and purpose. Discover how SLI's innovative approach can drive transformation, foster a sense of community, and leave a lasting impact on the path forward.

CEO, leaders, and agencies who want to engage in strategic planning through an appreciative inquiry lens. Meet with Debra to imagine the best possible outcomes and co-design a facilitation plan to support you and your staff reaching those goals.

Virtual Change Facilitation

Schedule a free consultation or email Debra for more information on custom bookings

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