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I would like to extend my deep thanks to some of the many individuals and organizations who were early contributors and thought partners of the first ever, Silver Linings Advocacy Advocacy™  Certification Program. My passion project was brought to fruition with the support and encouragement from friends, family, colleagues, and mentors far and wide. 


There were many others who were behind the scenes, like my sister, Pamela Meyer and my twins, Katrianna and Skyler Kleinschmidt who kept my energy up when things seemed insurmountable. 


I am humbled and grateful for your support as I went from market research, design, multiple iterations, 2 pilots to the launch. Silver Linings International Advocacy™ Certification Program is now officially here providing guidance and a road map to the SLA™ 8 Points of Best Practice. 


With appreciation and gratitude I thank you all,


Amanda Metivier, Office of Youth Empowerment (Alaska), Associate Director
Ashley Tunstall, Colorado DYS, Director of Behavioral Health and Medical Services
Brondalyn Coleman, Director of BNC Global
Christine Cao, OK Dept. of Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services, Youth Coordinator
Clifford Sipes, OK Dept. of Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services, Youth Coordinator
Diane Sondheimer, SAMHSA, Deputy Chief, Child, Adolescent and Family Branch
Elizabeth Waetzig, Change Matrix, LLC, Founding Partner
Eric Lulow, SAMHSA, Public Health Advisor, Child, Adolescent and Family Branch
Euphemia Adams, Families On The Move, President/CEO
Gerri Mullendore, OK Dept. Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services, Family Involvement Coordinator
Gwen White, National T/TA Center for Child Youth and
Family MH, National Expert - Consultant
Jeremy Long, Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Child Welfare Advisor
Jessica Gibson, Brevard Family Partnership (Florida), SOC Project Manager
Jewell H. Gooding, Mental Health America of Georgia, Executive Director
Johanna Bergan, Youth MOVE National, Executive Director
Juan Velez Court, MH and Anti Addiction Serv. of Puerto Rico, Peer Support Services Coordinator
Jules Wilson, TN Dept of Mental Health/Substance Abuse, Project Director of Healthy Transitions
Kathryne O'Grady, Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation (MI), Human Services Director
Kristin Murray, Authentic Witness, Founder, CEO
Leanne Delsart, Children’s MH/Wraparound Milwaukee, Integrated Services Mgr - Strategic Initiatives
Linda Henderson-Smith, National Council for BH, Director of Children and Trauma Informed Services
Lupe O. Tovar, JBS International, Inc., Fed National Youth in Transition Database Manager, CWCRT
Martin  Rafferty, Youth ERA, Founder, CEO
Melissa Clyde, Casey Family Programs - Indian Child Welfare Programs, Senior Director
Melissa  Robinson Graves, Step Up, (Georgia) Program Manager
Michael Scanlon, Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center, Youth Coordinator
Nicole Attong, Florida International University, Director FIU Embrace Program
Nishad Khanna, Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement/The Students Commission of Canada
Rebecca Cuevas, Learn and Get Smarter, Founder, CEO, Coach
Scott Bryant-Comstock, Children's Mental Health Network, President, CEO
Shannon Crossbear, Strongheart Resource Development, Founder, Executive Director
Sharon Hunt, D.C. Department of Behavioral Health, Director Specialty Care Division
Stephanie Sikes-Jones, Kentucky Division of BH, TAYLRD State Level Youth Leadership Coordinator
Susan Nyamora, South Florida Wellness Network, President, CEO
Tonicia Freeman-Foster, Change Matrix, Change Specialist/Certified Diversity Professional
Tracy Pellegrino, National Center for Innovation/Excellence, Executive Director  
Vicki Waytowich, Partnership for Child Health, Executive Director

Abe Crystal and Ruzuku     
Center for Appreciative Inquiry    
Danny Iny and Mirasee  
Kyle Barr and 
National Center for Innovation and Excellence