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Foundations for Leaders: Creating Safe and Brave Workplaces™

Your journey to transformative leadership begins with our intensive 4-week Foundations for Leader course. Whether you're stepping into your first leadership role or seeking to enhance your existing skills, this course is tailored to empower you with the core essentials of effective leadership. Dive deep into critical areas such as fostering trust, communication, and well-being.


Participants gain essential skills for cultivating safe, inclusive, high-performing work environments through engaging sessions, practical exercises, and personalized coaching. Course materials include curated worksheets, access to a private online forum, session recordings, and a one-on-one coaching session. Covering topics from establishing safe spaces to continuous improvement, this comprehensive course empowers teams to thrive in today's workplace. Join us and elevate your team's success!

The Foundations for Leaders Course is ideal for:


Aspiring Leaders: For those gearing up to take on leadership roles.

New Managers: Freshly promoted individuals looking to excel in their new positions.

Experienced Leaders: Veterans seeking to update their leadership toolkit.

Team Leads: Individuals leading teams or projects aiming for better results.

Entrepreneurs: Business founders wanting to lead their teams to success.

Non-Profit Leaders: Leaders wishing to inspire and drive impact.


Perfect for anyone eager to refine their leadership skills and drive team success.

Foundations for Leaders: Creating Safe and Brave Workplaces™

4 weekly sessions with an individual coaching session: $697 | Ask about group rates

Contact to schedule the course for your group!​

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