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Launch My Idea Academy™

Welcome to Launch My Idea Academy™, where your ideas are transformed into reality! Our unique academy offers a comprehensive 8-step planning process designed to guide professionals across human services, private businesses, and corporate sectors in bringing their real-life work projects and events to life. With a focus on ethical practices, sustainability, and inclusivity, we ensure that every project plan increases benefits and mitigates risks without tokenizing audiences or participants. 


Through a blend of Trauma-Informed, Appreciative Inquiry, and Positive Psychology principles, we provide a nurturing learning environment that supports your creative journey from conception to successful launch. Our live class sessions and online learning platform, paired with dedicated coaching support, offers an interactive and supportive learning experience, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed for planning, problem-solving, and presentation preparation. 


Whether you're looking to launch a new initiative or elevate an existing project, Launch My Idea Academy™ is your partner in turning your vision into a wild success. Join us today and start making your dream project a reality!

Launch My Idea Academy™ is ideal for professionals across industries including entrepreneurs, mental health professionals/advocates, nonprofit workers, corporate teams, and event planners seeking to create impactful and sustainable projects with ethical practices at their core. 


Whether you're launching a new product, planning a community project, enhancing social responsibility, or organizing inclusive events, our academy provides essential tools and support. Attendees should be committed to inclusivity, ethical innovation, and making a positive difference in their field. 


Join us to elevate your project planning skills and turn your ideas into successful, meaningful initiatives.

Launch My Idea Academy™

Starts on July 24, 2024  2pm-4pm ET

What Clients Say

“Debra was very positive and encouraging, provided great resources, made it clear to understand the steps to take, what was expected, and provided time in class to work on it.”

- Victoria R., Behavioral health Manager - North Carolina

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