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Appreciative Inquiry


Needs Assessments


Appreciative Inquiry is built on a deceptively simple premise: that organizations grow in the direction of what they repeatedly ask questions about and focus their attention on. This methodology shifts the focus from solving problems to identifying and leveraging an organization's core strengths. 

By exploring the positive potential of what is already working well, Appreciative Inquiry facilitates sustainable and profound change, fostering an environment of collaboration, creativity, and renewed energy. Let SLI revolutionize your strategic planning and needs assessment with this unique approach.

Here, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration. Whether you're looking to revolutionize your organizational culture, enhance team dynamics, or lead impactful projects, our resources, tools, and facilitation will guide you every step of the way. 

Discover how Silver Linings International blends Appreciative Inquiry principles with trauma-informed principles and positive psychology to help you create lasting positive change, inspire action, and bring out the best in your organization and its people.

Join us as we apply the principles, practices to unlock a world where every inquiry is an opportunity for growth and every conversation sparks positive transformation. Welcome to a space dedicated to celebrating strengths, envisioning possibilities, and co-creating a more vibrant future together.

Download our white paper:
How to Achieve Real, Lasting, and Positive Change


SLI offerings include facilitation, coaching, consulting, workshops and training on how to achieve strength-based, positive change for individuals and organizations. Check out our current offerings below and reach out to us for a free consultation to see how we can customize the right solution for your needs.

Facilitators Path to Influence and Impac

Facilitator's Path to Influence and Impact™ Workshops

Join our two-part workshop, perfect for meeting facilitators, strategic planners, coaches, and trainers looking to boost their skills in creating engaging and safe virtual learning spaces. We'll equip you with practical strategies and techniques to craft transformative learning experiences, encourage meaningful teamwork, and enhance your impact in group dynamics. Get ready to elevate your facilitation game!


April 10 & 17, 2024, 2pm - 5pm ET
May 23 & 30, 2024, 2pm - 5pm ET

Facilitator's Collective™

This vibrant facilitated learning community serves as a platform for sharing best practices, resources, and experiences to foster collaboration and professional growth among facilitators


Meets on the 3rd Friday of each month at 2pm ET

Virtual Change Facilitation 2023.jpg

Virtual Change Facilitation

Schedule a free consultation or email Debra for more information on custom bookings

Customized Solutions

We specialize in crafting transformative and customized workshops that harness the power of Appreciative Inquiry, positive psychology, and trauma-informed principles. Whether it is a single session or a series we can develop interactive, fun, and actionable workshops that promote buy-in and lead you to your desired outcomes.


Customize your journey! 

Appeciative Inquiry Testimonials

What Clients Say

“We were honored to have you share your expertise with our clinicians. We extend our gratitude to you for your contributions to our understanding of Healing Centered Approach through Appreciative Inquiry.”


 Cheryl L, Medical Director, Office of School Health


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