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Think of the best thing that has happened to you today. If you did that, then you’ve experienced a moment of positivity. And you probably feel better. That’s what Appreciative Inquiry is all about. Connecting with people through what’s good.  Appreciative Inquiry is built on a deceptively simple premise: that organizations grow in the direction of what they repeatedly ask questions about and focus their attention on. Appreciative Inquiry does not focus on changing people. Instead, it invites people to engage in building the kinds of organizations, communities, and programs they dream of living and working in. 


Linking the positive core to any change agenda creates and mobilizes topics never thought before possible. Integrating this proven solution-focused Appreciative Inquiry approach along with positive psychology and trauma-informed principles allows us to seek out what’s good, what works and what will help you better engage with staff and clients. Focusing on leveraging the “positive core” of the system to design more effective services rather than focusing on overcoming its deficits helps to move from being stuck to moving towards healing-centered energy that promotes growth and success.


Debra Cady, founder and CEO of Silver Linings International, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a 30+ year career in behavioral health, highlighted by her experience as a trauma-informed manager. She utilizes her Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation Certification to deliver virtual solutions that create positive outcomes. Her training and support has given hundreds of people the tools they need to create better engagement in their workplaces and for the clients they serve. 

Read more about how Debra blends Appreciative Inquiry and Trauma-Informed Principles in this white paper:

How to Achieve Real, Lasting, and Positive Change.


SLI offers facilitation, coaching, consulting, workshops and training on how to achieve strength-based, positive change for individuals and organizations. Check out our current offerings below and reach out to us for a free consultation to see how we can customize the right solution for your needs.

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Facilitator's Path to Influence and Impact

2 part Workshop Series: Learn how to blend Trauma-Informed and Appreciative Inquiry Principles together for empowered Facilitation, Training, and Other Organizational Change Initiatives

Virtual Change Facilitation 2023.jpg
Virtual Change Facilitation

12-week customized academy to create action plans to achieve goals

Customized AI Solutions
Customized Appreciative Inquiry Solutions

Team Building, Workshops, Meeting Facilitation, Consultation, and Needs Assessments

Facilitator's Path to
Influence and Impact

Join our two-part workshop series to master trauma-informed and cultural humility facilitation with the power of Appreciative Inquiry. Gain expertise, connect with fellow facilitators, and enhance your skills to make a lasting impact. Ideal for professionals creating safe, inclusive spaces.​

Where this journey will take you:

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Engage your audience, transforming blank stares into active participation.

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Master emotional response navigation for improved facilitation skills.

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Conquer common facilitation challenges, guaranteeing successful breakout sessions.

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Manage frustration and anger as a facilitator for a more positive experience.