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Next Training: 6/15/21 and 6/16/21
12:30pm - 5pm ET (both afternoons)

Lessons in TIME™

8 Hour Mini Course

Lessons in TIME™
(Trauma-Informed Method of Engagement)


Teaches direct practitioners, administrators, and adult allies to engage and safely involve Youth/Young adults in events and activities that results in increased participation and improved self-efficacy. 

You will learn to APPLY trauma-informed and social learning principles; CREATE brave spaces; and BUILD self-efficacy of youth and young adults (or other vulnerable populations) involved in advocacy events. activities, and care planning teams.

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Who can benefit?

Youth and Family Coordinators

Supervisors and

Program Managers

Mental Health Direct Practitioners, Therapists, Peer Specialists

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to IMPROVE Youth and Young Adult (Y/YA) ENGAGEMENT, 

MINIMIZE RISK of re-experiencing trauma, and


Original Work of the TIME model, click below.
Next Training: October 5 & 6, 2021
12:30pm - 5pm ET (both afternoons)

Lessons in TIME™ (Trauma Informed Method of Engagement)

Lessons in TIME™ teaches direct practitioners, administrators, and adult allies to safely and effectively prepare and support youth and young adults to actively participate in care plans or advocacy events.

Intended Audiences: Direct Practitioners, Independent Living Coordinators, Youth Coordinators, Family Advocates, Family Coordinators, Youth/Young Adult Advocates, Peer Specialists, Program Managers and Supervisors, and Adult Allies who recruit and prepare Y/YA advocates.

Lessons in TIME™ is taught as a mini-course in two half-days format. This course is highly interactive can be delivered virtually over zoom or in-person (once it is safe for travel).

What is Lessons in TIME™?

Lessons in TIME™ is a training that expands and operationalize the TIME model. The training is based on trauma-informed principles, appreciative inquiry, social learning theory and transformational relationships. You will receive practical tools and strategies to enhance your ability to engage Youth and Young Adults (Y/YAs) through a trauma-informed lens resulting in higher levels of participation and reduced negative experiences for Y/YAs.


Why should you sign up for Lessons in TIME™? 

Over the last 10 years, I've talked to Y/YAs and SAs from across the country and they shared stories from the field about both successful and traumatic experiences of doing system change advocacy work. From the novice to the most trained and supported advocate, the practice of sharing lived experience publicly, resulted in unintended negative consequences like re-experiencing feelings of fear, hopelessness, defeat, as well as flashbacks and in some cases, relapse.

You may have difficulty convincing youth and young adults (Y/YAs) to be advocates or to be leaders in their own care planning. You may have trouble with consistent Y/YA attendance or Y/YA interest in leading their care plan team. This is why I created Lessons in Time to address the need for a training to teach you as supportive adults (SAs) how to effectively engage, prepare and support Y/YAs to safely sit on or lead meetings, committees, boards, panels, etc. through a trauma-informed lens. 

We all know that having youth voice represented in care planning and at advocacy events is one of the important ingredients for changing the way that systems respond to the needs and desires of the youth and young adults.  It is critical to apply trauma-informed principles, given the effects that trauma can have on Y/YAs when sharing their lived experience in a public setting or in care plans.


Lessons in TIME™ participants who completed the training reported decreased in negative experiences, less tokenism and higher levels of youth/young adult participation. You will leave the training with new tools, new perspectives and strategies to minimize the negative impact of re-experiencing trauma. Finally, this training teaches you to create the conditions necessary to scaffold learning for Y/YAs that will improve self-efficacy to help them continue to grow personally and professionally, whether they are advocating for themselves or systems change.

Lessons in TIME™ will give you a deeper understanding of your role in minimizing the negative impact of re-experiencing trauma for Y/YAs. You will learn strategies and tools to better connect, support, prepare and debrief youth and young adult advocates and how to:


1.    Engage in transformational relationships to build rapport and trust
2.    Use positive experiences as basis for youth and young adults sharing lived experiences
3.    Increase the level youth participation and steer away from tokenism by using Hart’s Ladder of Participation
4.    Apply a trauma-informed lens to advocacy work and decrease negative experiences
5.    Apply social learning theory to advocacy work for higher Y/YAs’ self-efficacy


Next Training: 6/2/21 and 6/3/21
12:30pm - 5pm ET (both afternoons)

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