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Course Calendar & Available Offerings

The list below includes all of our currently scheduled offerings. Check back regularly for new courses, workshops, and collaborative opportunities.

Facilitators Path to Influence and Impac

Facilitator's Path to Influence and Impact™

This a 2-part course for people who facilitate meetings, strategic planning, coaches, and trainers who want to increase their skills and abilities to provide safe and powerful virtual learning environments. 

May 23 & 30, 2024, 2pm - 5pm ET

Facilitator's Collective™

This is a virtual, yearly membership that includes monthly one-hour group calls with colleagues who want to receive ongoing support and resources in facilitating meetings. Each participant brings their real-life challenges to this confidential space where we learn from each other and leave with several solutions! Don't ever feel like you are alone, we are here to support you!


Runs monthly on the 3rd Friday of each month 2-3pm ET

Launch My Idea™ (LMI) Academy

The Launch My Idea™ Academy is an 8-week, virtual training to learn our LMI™ 8 Step planning process for business project planning success that mitigates risks and enhances the benefits of your intended audience(s). Get the traction, knowledge, and support you need to launch your project.

Starts on July 24, 2024, 2:00pm -4:00pm ET (8 sessions over 10 weeks with 2 weeks off in between)

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Foundations for Leaders: Creating Safe and Brave Workplaces™

Unlock your team's potential with our intensive 4-week course, fostering trust, communication, and well-being. Participants gain essential skills for safe, inclusive, high-performing work environments through engaging sessions, practical exercises, and personalized coaching. Course materials include curated worksheets, access to a private online forum, session recordings, and a one-on-one coaching session. Covering topics from establishing safe spaces to continuous improvement, this comprehensive course empowers teams to thrive in today's workplace. Join us and elevate your team's success.


Contact Debra to book this course for your group and to find out about group rates!

Advanced Practice for Leaders: Cultivating Psychological Safety

With so many people in the workforce under so much stress, this is your chance to learn how to improve psychological safety with your staff and on your teams.  This 4-session Course/Coaching combo is specially designed to increase staff retention, increase productivity, and create a more harmonious work culture. Sign up today and start enjoying your supervisory role!


Starts on July 18, 2024, 3-5pm ET (4 sessions over 5 weeks, with a week off in-between)

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Trauma-Informed Supervisors™

Designed for human services agencies this supervisory course focuses weekly sessions on how to apply each of SAMHSA’s 6 trauma-informed principles to your supervisory approach. You will learn how to create a safe and brave environment that opens up lines for authentic communication and establishes trust and transparency within your team. Individual coaching will help support you in applying the principles, techniques, and tools learned within your role. Customized group coaching is also available.


Schedule a free consultation or email Debra for more information on custom bookings

Starts on Jun 05, 2024 3pm - 5pm ET (4 weekly sessions)

Starts on Aug 22, 2024 3pm - 5pm ET (4 weekly sessions)
Starts on Sept 26, 2024 3pm - 5pm ET (4 weekly sessions)

Trauma-Informed Youth Engagement™

Through a series of 6 2-hr virtual, stand-alone workshops teaches you to apply trauma-informed and social learning principles to increase your tools and strategies to improve youth and young adult engagement to reduce risks of trauma.


Email Debra to schedule this course for your organization.

Empathetic Leadership:

Conflict Resolution Workshop for Managers

Pop-up Workshop: Join Stacy Huff to delve into the four key tenets of Empathetic Communication: observations, feelings, needs, and requests. This workshop, based on the principles of Empathetic Communication empowers you to navigate conflicts with precision and empathy. Enhance your leadership skills by mastering the art of understanding, connecting with the core needs and emotions of your team, and making effective requests.

Transform workplace conflicts into opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Contact Debra to schedule!

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Team Building: Facilitating Connection and Collaboration

Trauma-Informed Principles are integrated into workshops that facilitate exploration and reflection on how to improve the environment in the workplace. Silver Linings instructors guide you through learning, reflecting and engaging in new activities that will help you better connect with and support others in the workplace.

Customize Your Journey

Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

Appreciative Inquiry is a positive psychology approach to strategic planning and needs assessment. Let us facilitate workgroups and/or conduct needs assessments to improve your system, program, or create policy change. Go here to see how your group can experience rapid change through my Virtual Change Facilitation process. Contact me for pricing and dates.

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Keep the positive change moving forward… After you’ve attended one of my trainings or want to take advantage working one of one with Debra. 

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