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day 13 everyday positivity - Defeat or create the win-win

In our society, winning seems like everything. If you aren't a winner, you're a loser.

I do want to win, don't get me wrong. It feels really good. But there are lots of ways to win and feeling accomplished.

Winning is not an attitude or behavior given to us at birth. Winning is a learned behavior and is greatly influenced by your upbringing, group think and cultural norms.

Some cultures believe we are only winners when we lift each other up. We experience winning when the collective as a whole is doing well. Other cultures promote the idea that if you aren't on top; you are a doormat...a loser.

The good news is that you get to choose. While it's really hard to fight back against cultural norms of winning, you can choose to promote win-win scenarios. It's one of the best ways to gain buy-in, goodwill, and boost the outcomes you seek.

Yup, you can reach bigger aspirational goals when you engage in activities that allow winning to be shared.

It's simple, when you think about what you are trying to accomplish, brainstorm ways that your idea or project will benefit others. You shift your focus from a "winning" mentality to engaging others in a win-win scenario. You create a vested interest in the success of your idea/project that others will resist sabotaging. You will find others' contributions make your idea or project better.

You can reach higher goals and get there together at the finish line. The energy of a group win is even better than the lone victory.

Create the shared win, it is lonely at the top!

Want to find ways to create a win-win scenarios, sign up here for coaching:

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Teamwork makes the dream work!

Mi piace
Silver Linings
Silver Linings
13 apr 2021
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Well-said 💯

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