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Go for your Goals



Lessons in TIME™ 

(Trauma-Informed Method of Engagement)

for Adult Allies of

Transition Age Youth


Team Building  

Dream and Design

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Lessons in TIME™ 

(Trauma-Informed Method of Engagement)

Lessons in TIME™ 

Trauma Informed Method of Engagement

Mini Course

Lessons in TIME™



Youth/family coordinators, program managers, direct practitioners, and adult allies like yourself who are tasked with preparing and supporting youth and young adults (Y/YAs) to share their lived experience in advocacy events or engage/lead their care plan will want to sign up for this mini-course.


You will learn about unintended consequences of Y/YA involvement and how to apply new strategies and tools to minimize risk of trauma exposure and increase the self-efficacy of Y/YAs.


Make time for Lessons in TIME™ and experience the transformation.

Next Training: 4/21/21 and 4/22/21

1pm - 5pm ET both afternoons

Open for Registration

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Coaching & Consultation

Coaching/Consultation Sessions

Coaching and Consultation

  • Are you in a rut and wonder about your next step, personally or professionally?

  • Are you ruminating about life's challenges and not sure how to move forward?

  • Maybe you have a great idea running around in your brain and want to launch it, but don't know how...

I can help you to set and achieve your goals by tapping into your strengths. Choose a coaching/consulting package that is right for you. I am here to give you a jump start, keep you motivated, or to help you catch your big dream.


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