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When it's dark, bring the sunshine! Day 61 of 101 everyday positivity challenge

It was a dark day when my pipe broke in the middle of winter. I called a local plumbing company panicked, desperate for help, and dreading the cost. A woman answered the phone and said "Plumbing company "X", How can I make your day?"

I immediately smiled broadly and laughed out loud, I said, "Well you can start by fixing by burst pipe!" She let me know they would send someone out right away and had a payment plan.

Here's the thing, no one could "unburst" my pipe, change the weather, or the stop the repair costs. But the way she answered the phone changed my mood and my perspective. I forgot how upset I was and focused on "help is on the way."

When the day was dark, she brought the sunshine. I experienced a quick mind shift from dark to light. I have thought of phone call many times over my lifetime and it still makes me smile.

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