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Day 47 of 101 everyday positivity challenge - Treat your friends and family better than strangers

Do you notice that you tend to take out your frustrations on those closest to you and save your best manners for strangers? I've asked this of a number of people..."why do you talk to your mother/spouse/friend like that"...and the response I get is..."they love me no matter what, they understand I don't really mean the harsh words."

As long as we tolerate this behavior, we will have to bear it. We teach people how to treat us.

I am not suggesting we take out our frustration on strangers either! I'm suggesting we treat our closest family and friends with the same common curtesy you would extend to a stranger, a new boss, new colleagues, etc.

We are all human and go through tough times, but taking it out on the people we love is unnecessary and hurtful. If we are not careful, we will pass the behavior on to our children.

The next time you find yourself taking your anger and frustration out on a loved one, STOP, BREATHE, and take a break! Don't destroy and damage your most critical and important relationships; harsh words hurt deeper than you know.

If you are the one being "dumped on", maybe it's time you set a boundary. Let the person know you are willing to talk and listen, when they aren't attacking you and then remove yourself from the situation. If you are experiencing abuse, please call 911 and get help right away.

Want help with finding healthy ways to redirect your frustration or stopping being the whipping post? Sign up for coaching now:

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