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Day 29 of 101 everyday positivity challenge - Pessimism or Optimism

If you had a choice, which of course you do, would you choose pessimism or optimism? You might say pessimism because you never want to be let down. You might choose optimism because you like to dream big.

Or you might say you're optimist about an outcome and follow that by saying...BUT I'm not going to count on it. Which is really being pessimistic. You won't reap any real benefits of optimism by doing this because you pre-set a low standard.

If you want to reap the benefits of optimism, you have to own it 100% - lean into it - live it. World class athletes win races by using optimism - imaging themselves breaking world records and crossing the finish line first. They don't say, I hope I win, but I probably won't.

You don't have to be a world class athlete to reap the benefits of optimism. You can embrace the positive mind shift and create positive self-fulfilling prophecies for yourself.

Your chances of being successful are just as good as a world class athlete or an astronaut. Shoot for the moon and see where you land.

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