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Day 27 of 101 everyday positivity challenge - Focus and think

Do you rely solely on instinct? That's what animals do. As humans, we evolved into beings able to think, process, and consider all aspects of any given situation before we act. But do we always give ourselves the time to focus and think?

Reflect on some things you've said you wish you could take back or missteps you've made in your life. I'll bet you probably reacted quickly without thought. Instincts are essential, but we can do better. We have a gift called rational thought.

We can choose to give ourselves the time and permission to think things through before acting or reacting. Take a few, slow deep breaths and count to 10, the extra oxygen will increase your brain's ability to think and your heart rate to lower before you answer.

You can give yourself permission to not respond in the moment to think things through overnight or as long as you need. This gives you time to engage your brain in the gift of rational thought. Some people might not want you to take the extra time to think, so resist the pressure.

It's your right and choice to make time and space for thoughtful reflection. Be true to your instincts and allow yourself to focus and think.

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I really need to implement this, and be intentional about it. Thank you for the encouragement and ‘permission’ to do so.

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