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Day 25 of 101 everyday positivity challenge - Bring humor and lightness

Updated: Apr 26

Having a sense of humor is a sign of emotional intelligence. Being able to laugh at yourself is a sign of good self esteem. Great reasons to give humor and levity a try.

Did you know when you smile, it signals the brain to be happy? Life is hard, even when you can't find something to smile about, just smile for no reason at all. You will find yourself feeling happier. An old Jedi mind trick (backed by brain science).

Even on a nursing home window visit with my family during COVID. We did it, we found something to smile about...we were all together, being silly, SMILING and feeling better.

Bringing humor and lightness may not change the way things are, but you will be psychologically healthier and improve your emotional intelligence.

Sharing some levity with family and friends helps you stay connected and that energy will fill you up and spill over into other aspects of your life.

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