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Day 23 everyday positivity - Say yes ONLY when it aligns with your vision

Updated: Apr 23

When you say YES, make sure you are saying yes to yourself. We do such disservice to ourselves when we agree to something that doesn't align with our vision and values.

Learning how to say no is super hard. Most of us aren't taught how to say NO very well. Many of us are people pleasers, fear upsetting others, and want to avoid conflicts.

Remember that time, when you said yes to someone when you really meant no. In that moment, you disrespected yourself.

When you disrespect yourself, you grow resentful...maybe even passive aggressive. You not only hurt yourself, but you hurt the relationship with the people you are unauthentically saying yes to.

You can be of better service to others when your thoughts, feelings, and actions are in alignment with your vision and values. Use your gifts and talents in the best possible way by choosing to say YES, thoughtfully.

Don't let yourself down by saying yes when it isn't right for you, JUST SAY NO.

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