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day 21 of 101 everyday positivity - Invest in the human experience

Investing your money is super important, and equally important is investing in the human experience.

A cost effective way of ensuring your happiness is investing in and nurturing current relationships, making new connections, and showing up no matter what. My mom taught me this important lesson.

The cost of spending time with your family, friends, pets, or neighbors is much less than your investment into your house, car, boat, etc.

The initial "high" from buying things is usually short-lived while reliving precious moments with friends and family is long lasting; gives back to you tenfold!

No one can take away your precious memories. You get to savor life's experiences regardless of your financial situation.

My mom has past, but I get to revel in the simple memories of time spent putting puzzles together. No financial investment will ever give me that kind of joy.

The return of investment in the human experience is priceless.

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