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Our Mission

The Mission of Silver Linings International is to help individuals and organizations reconnect with their strengths to experience positive transformations 


Who we



Direct practitioners and adult allies of youth and young adults


Youth and Family Engagement Coordinators 


Program directors and policy makers in nonprofit, private and public sectors


Solopreneurs and professionals starting their own businesses or considering a career change


CEOs and business leaders who want to implement positive change in their organizations


Facilitating Positive Change

Debra Cady, Founder & CEO

Computer Learning

Silver Linings Advocacy™

Certification Program

This Silver Linings Advocacy™ (SLA) Certification Program teaches an 8 Step best practice process for program administrators and adult allies of youth and young adults (Y/YAs) and other vulnerable populations to create low risk and high impact advocacy, events, and activities.


Graduates of the program use the SLA™ 

process to plan and implement best practice programs and projects to minimize or mitigate risk, eliminate tokenism, and maximize outcomes for Y/YAs and to the organizations that involve them.

Become a Silver Linings Advocacy Practitioner...

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Tariq J. Smith, MA

Program Coordinator for CHR-P

CMI Healthcare Services

Memphis, TN

The Silver-Linings Certification Program is great for assisting agencies who desire to align their mission and objectives with engaging and implementing youth for youth-led programs. One of the underlying objectives of this certification program is that it helps with rediscovering the purpose of engagement and motivates you to think outside the box of traditional implementation strategies. Utilizing the concepts of Silver-Lining, is mutually beneficial for both youth and the agency hosting the youth-led program. 

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Aszloyn N Wakefield

Assistant Director of Character and Leadership Development

Kids Hope Alliance

Jacksonville, FL

This program was great! I learned so many USEFUL tools: Hart's Ladder; Risks and Benefits. This program gave our well-meaning efforts and well-intended programs a significant upgrade.  (It) was life changing - not just to make youth experiences more impactful -- but my personal and professional experiences as well! THANK YOU.

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Leanne Delsart

Integrated Services Manager of Strategic Initiatives

Children’s Community Mental Health Services and Wraparound Milwaukee,


I appreciated connecting with and hearing from others who are doing advocacy work and including y/ya in their orgs and programs. I also really appreciated the materials and tools that will help us to guide development and build in fidelity and quality assessments. The certification process created a community of learners, practitioners, and organizations allowing us all to benefit from diverse knowledge and experiences as we learned and applied the information shared in the program.

Meet Debra

My vision is to help people find the silver lining 

in their lives and for the people they serve. 


I use positive psychology and appreciate inquiry to facilitate positive change in all my trainings, courses, coaching, and consultations.

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