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Silver Linings International 

Facilitating Progress and Positive Change

All of our offerings combine the application of SAMHSA’s six Trauma-Informed principles, positive psychology, and Appreciative Inquiry. The unique environment created by this approach allows participants to be present in a safe and brave space.


This fosters a shift in thinking, a deep understanding of concepts, and thought-provoking interactive reflections with course instructors, coaches, and other participants. This is the foundation for our hub for learning, facilitation, and consultation.

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New & Upcoming

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Facilitator's Collective

Learning Community with Monthly Live Meetings

Ongoing, Join Us Now!
Meets on the third Friday of each month. 

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Learn & Grow

Your Silver Linings International learning experience is grounded in positive psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, and Trauma-Informed Principles. With interactive and engaging classes to shift your thinking and prepare you for action, these 3 key components will help you reach your goals:



Learn new knowledge and skills in a variety of ways, from live virtual lectures and interactive exercises to worksheets and resources that you can use in the future.



Demonstrating your knowledge is a critical part of learning. Silver Linings International’s courses and workshops provide space to practice, assess, discuss, and work with coaches.



Immediately apply your new learning to your job. Our courses integrate practical application while building upon skill sets so you can be comfortable and confident in implementing what you learn to use it sustainably as you grow in your career.


Ways We Support Organizations


Launch my Idea

Launch My Idea

LMI Academy

This project-based course is designed for staff to create or enhance events and activities for youth and young adults. 

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Virtual Change Facilitation

VCF Academy

VCF leads to policy, practice, and program change goals! Includes Youth-Led Policy Change Academy. 

Courses & Workshops


Foundations for Leaders: Creating Safe and Brave Spaces

Essentials for supervisors and managers


Advanced Practice for Leaders: Cultivating Psychological Safety

For experienced supervisors and managers


Trauma-Informed Youth Engagement Series

TIYES Workshop

TIYES teaches you how to be the best possible adult ally to youth and young adults. 

Facilitators Path to Influence and Impact.jpg

Facilitator's Path to
Influence and Impact

2 part Workshop Series: Learn how to blend Trauma-Informed and Appreciative Inquiry Principles together for empowered Facilitation, Training, and Other Organizational Change Initiatives

Additional Solutions


Who We Work With

Human Services

Debra Cady CEO LCSW

Debra Cady is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a certified Appreciative Inquiry facilitator. She has over 30 years of experience in facilitating strength-based, positive change for individuals and organizations. She is a national expert in the area of Transition Age Youth (TAY) (16-26yrs) with mental health challenges, with a vision to help people find the silver lining in their lives and for the people they serve. Debra is an adaptive, creative, and compassionate leader, coach, consultant, and trainer. She has presented her work at numerous national, state, and local workshops and webinars, including the International Foster Care Conference. She is passionate about helping communities plan and implement practices and policies that improve the lives of youth and young adults with mental health challenges.

At Silver Linings International, we are dedicated to cultivating a transformative and empowering environment. We integrate trauma-informed practices, positive psychology, and appreciative inquiry into every facet of our organization, fostering a culture of psychological safety, growth, and well-being. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to thrive by recognizing and leveraging their unique strengths. Through fostering a culture of positivity, collaboration, and continuous learning, we aim to contribute to the well-being and success of our clients. 


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What Clients Say

“This will forever change the way you approach youth and youth work. It LITERALLY creates a paradigm shift within you. The content is informative and timely-especially with the current state of our world. It was also beautiful to build community across the globe with other youth workers. We all came from different walks of life, but in the end, we were all heading toward a better direction for young people. SLA is inspiring. It's a community. It's a game-changer.”

- Kristin Murray, Creator & Chief Connection Officer

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