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Debra Cady, Founder & CEO

SLI Training and Consultation

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Want to improve systems for your staff and the youth and young adults they serve through training and consultation?

Sign up for a training today and start to:

  • Improve job satisfaction

  • Increase staff retention

  • Improve staff wellness

  • Improve youth life trajectories

  • Make a difference

The Mission of Silver Linings International is to help individuals and organizations experience positive transformations that improve systems for youth and young adults with mental health challenges.

What We Offer

Explore the SLA Academy Program,

Trauma-informed Supervision and Lessons in Trauma-informed Engagement, Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation, and Consultative Coaching

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Who We Serve

Silver Linings International serves: 

Nonprofit, private and public sectors health like: mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, education, and other youth/young adult-serving organizations

  • Supervisors of staff with lived experience

  • Direct practitioners and adult allies of youth and young adults

  • Youth and family engagement coordinators and advocates

  • Program directors and policy makers

  • CEOs and business leaders 

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Kristin Murray

Creator and Chief Connection Officer

Authentic Witness

Jacksonville, FL

This will forever change the way you approach youth and youth work. It LITERALLY creates a paradigm shift within you. The content is informative and timely-especially with the current state of our world. It was also beautiful to build community across the globe with other youth workers. We all came from different walks of life, but in the end, we were all heading toward a better direction for young people. SLA is inspiring. It's a community. It's a game-changer.

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Meet Debra

My vision is to help people find the silver lining 

in their lives and for the people they serve. 


I use positive psychology and appreciate inquiry to facilitate positive change in all my trainings, courses, coaching, and consultations.

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