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Ask for 'thinking time' to resist regretful decisions! Day 65 of 101 everyday positivity challenge

When we act quickly, without thoughtful reflection, we make decisions that ultimately set us back. The quote by Lewis Carroll, "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get," captures what happens to us when we get lost in our fast-paced world.

It's not popular to tell people you need time to think about what you are being asked before you respond. We may feel pressured to make quick decisions we know we'll regret but make them anyway.

Giving yourself some "thinking room" to make thoughtful decisions will set you up for success. You can say something like, "I need a few minutes, hours, days, or weeks (depending on the request) to think, so I can make the best decision possible."

If you need to make time-sensitive decisions, clear your head and find a quiet place to write down pros and cons. See if you can give yourself a better chance at not having to re-do what you have done in haste.

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