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It takes COURAGE to be open and sincere! Day 64 of 101 everyday positivity challenge

When we reveal our true selves, it makes us vulnerable to the judgement of others. Sometimes we use cynicism as a protection and defense strategy to avoid sharing how we really feel. When we are cynical, we deflect others from really knowing us.

It takes COURAGE to be open and sincere...but it can bring you closer to others rather than pushing people away.

The next time you find yourself becoming cynical or sarcastic, stop and ask, "what am I'm trying to hide or deflect?" Be courageous and see if you can share a little bit of how you are sincerely thinking or feeling. Start with someone you feel safe with and practice. Then you can work up to more difficult conversations. Not everyone will appreciate your thoughts or feelings, but it's hard to create close connections without being open and sincere.

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