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Headline: HOPE GROWS, shrinks fear!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I believe that during troubled times, the space around us fills with fear and darkness as our mind sends us negative messages like we are worthless, that things will never get better, that we will never get a break. Sometimes it feels like there is no relief in sight from the dark clouds that cover our light and joy.

But I have found that if you look really hard at the edge of the cloud of your despair; really look for it, squint your eyes tightly and you will see a tiny, little sliver of light, a twinkle. See that bit of glimmer? That, my friends, is hope.

In the movie/book – the Hunger Games, President Snow is noted for this great, memorable quote, “Hope, it is the only thing stronger than fear.” And I believe there is a lot of truth to this statement.

The really great thing about hope – is that the bigger it grows, the smaller fear becomes. With hope, the belief that things will get better becomes stronger.

With hope, fear finds it difficult to find a place to fester and cloud your vision of the future. When you begin to experience small victories, your mind actually believes things will get better and signals your body to relax. Then you start feeling better. Next, you expect things to get better.

With hope, you can find the motivation and courage to change or overcome the obstacles in your way.

So make friends with fear by introducing it to HOPE, see fear shrink...maybe that's where courage is born.

But however that works, I know it feels so much better to feel hopeful than fearful, so why not give it try.

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