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day 5 everyday positivity - Carry yourself with confidence and pride

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Our bodies tell the story of what is going on inside our brains.

Yup, great news for all of us who thought we were hiding our feelings, LOL!

Think about your proudest moments, you naturally stand straight up, shoulders back and your body screaming confidence. Guess what...your body remembers when you stood like that, and records it.

Alternatively, when you aren't feeling good or lack confidence, you slouch, you round your shoulders, you may even roll up in the fetal position depending on how bad you are feeling. And your body remembers and records it.

What's really amazing, is that you can trick your mind into feeling better and more confident when you stand confidently. WHAT? YUP!!

Because your body recorded that "proud" stance, it associates that body language with proud feelings...the body signals your mind to feel proud.

So when you stand with pride, your mind thinks you are proud of yourself. Then you actually start feeling better and more confident, and it snowballs from there.

I trick my mind into feeling good and confident just before I present my trainings in person or over zoom. I take a couple of deep breaths, smile broadly, shoulders back, head up and act "as if" everything is going to be great, then click my own start button.

Self full-filling prophecy you say....yes and now backed up by reality and science. Some of you know the "fake it til you make it"...same concept.

I think of it as old Jedi mind trick. And it works.

Try it and tell me how it worked for you!!!

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