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day 4 everyday positivity - Think and act purposefully

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

How many times can a person replay that awful scenario in our heads? If you can count to infinity, then probably that's my answer.

When I think about all the time I have spend on ruminating over a situation gone wrong and not being able to shake it from my brain, it always makes me feel REALLY, REALLY bad.

So much time...especially in the middle of the night, why, oh why in the middle of the night? But it happens.

Are you replaying those scenarios in your head, too? Boy, what a waste of good time.

What could I accomplish (like getting more sleep) if I didn't ruminate about the bad? I could probably write a book. Or get in shape...whoa, I might be getting too far ahead of myself, LOL!

I want to share this tip with everyone that has been 99% (I'm human) successful in stopping this negative rumination. It came from my very good friend Ashley.

She offered this approach. She said, "just do one thing, no matter how small, to take action towards solving whatever it is that is bothering you."



Yup, it worked.

The moment I started to ponder solutions, my brain stopped focusing on the negative. I started to take a small step, which made me feel better, which made me want to take more action. It had a domino effect moving me forward to the next challenge.

Yup, it went exactly like that. Not kidding!

Now I tell everyone who is struggling with a problem or a situation....Just take one action, no matter how small to work towards finding your solution. It works.

You can stop your brain from ruminating by taking purposeful action. Once you start, you will become so powerful you could use your energy to shoot a rocket into space.

Don't Wait - Think and Act Purposefully Today!

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