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day 16 everyday positivity - create your own luck

Don't overlook chance opportunities; Opportunity will knock in the most unsuspecting way; Right under your nose or under your toes; On almost every day.

You can find yourself at the right place, at the right time and get real lucky...but only if you are paying attention.

How many times have you past by a 4 leaf clover? You wouldn't know if you haven't looked.

If you would increase your odds significantly of finding a lucky 4 leaf clover. You would put yourself in the right places (green meadows) at the right time (seasonably warm) to look for your lucky clover. One thing is for will never find it, if you aren't looking.

People who win the lottery, play the lottery. They create their own luck.

People who look for opportunities in everyday life, will create their own luck too.

I was on Facebook the other day and a friend kept popping up in newsfeeds and then again on LinkedIn, repeatedly over a week's time. I could have ignored the coincidence, but I choose to reach out.

I decided this was an opportunity to catch up with an old colleague at a minimum, but I was open and I was curious. I wondered if there was a bigger purpose that drew me towards re-connecting. We discovered that we had a number of things in common. Our conversation led to an opportunity to grow my business and meet her unmet needs. We both felt lucky. I found a 4 leaf clover and so did she. A meeting of chance? I think not.

Such luck...I created it.

You can create your own luck too.

Be aware, pay attention, and be open to seeing something unusual in the ordinary.

Reconnect with people in your life.

Opportunity is all around waiting for you to seize the day.

Open your eyes, your ears, and your mind; Create your own luck; and Opportunity you will find.

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