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At a crossroad, let your questions guide you! Day 68 of 101 everyday positivity challenge

We were hiking for 15 minutes on a new path when we came to a fork in the road. "Should we take the path to the left or right, or should we turn around and go back,?" I asked.

So many factors go in to answering that question...."How long do you have; how much water did you bring along; and are you prepared for what might be around the corner?"

This is what we do in life when we find ourselves at a crossroads. You ask yourself, "Am I ready for something new?" and "Am I prepared for the unknown?" If the answers are no to both questions, it's best to turn back home and get yourself ready. If you are prepared, go forth!

If you went back home, ask yourself, "how do I make myself ready for something new and unpredictable?" Your answer to this question will uncover what you need to do to make a good decision at the crossroad when you come to it.

Let your questions be the guide and your answers be the solution to the crossroads in your life.

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