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Silver Linings Advocacy™ Certification

Who does this Program Serve?

Youth and Family Coordinators

Program Managers/Supervisors

Direct TAY Practitioners

Peer Specialists

Advocates for TAY

Directors and CEO's

Any staff or adult ally who is responsible for the design and/or oversight of youth/young adult advocacy events and activities

TAY Event Coordinators

What is it?

Silver Linings Advocacy™ (SLA) Certification Program is a 10 week, virtual training program designed to help you, both the experienced and the novice adult ally, learn a Best Practice 8 point process for micro-implementation of Y/YA involvement events and activities. 

Testimonials from Graduates

Welcome to SLA™ Certification

What is SLA™ Certification?

Sneak Peak into 2 SLA™ Sessions

Silver Linings Advocacy™ Certification Program Overview

Silver Linings Advocacy™ (SLA) Certification Program is a 10 week, virtual training program designed to help you, both the experienced and the novice adult ally of transition age youth, learn the SLA 8 Points of micro-implementation best practice process to design and implement low risk, high impact youth/young adult involvement events. 

Desired Outcomes  As a fully engaged participant in the Silver Linings Advocacy™ (SLA) Certification Program, you will leave the training as a SLA practitioner, able to implement the 8 points of micro-implementation process.  By the end of the 10 week SLA™ program, you will have a complete action plan to launch or re-invigorate your Y/YA involvement event or activity; and your micro-implementation action plan will be able to:

  1. Eliminate tokenism;

  2. Increase participation and involvement;

  3. Minimize or mitigate risk for Y/YAs and your agency; and

  4. Maximize positive outcomes for Y/YAs and your agency.

Audiences The program is designed for two audiences: direct practitioners who prepare and support to do advocacy work or group events; and for program directors/managers to prepare and support their agency staff to implement successful youth/young adult involvement activities.

The SLA Certification is for any staff or adult ally who is responsible for the design and/or oversight of youth/young adult advocacy events and activities.

This certification program is also instrumental to guide supervision and oversight of staff or contractors who lead youth/young adult involvement programs or in monitoring and assessing youth/young adult involvement programs.


Whether you are an administrator or a direct practitioner, this program is for you.


The SLA™ 8 Points of Micro-Implementation

1.     Purpose. Define and discover the underlying purpose for Y/YA involvement

2.     Outcomes. Dream and articulate Y/YA event goals and outcomes

3.     Method. Assess for and select the best non-tokenism method of delivery 

4.     Benefit/Risk. Analyze benefit/risks to Y/YAs and to the organization and to create mitigation strategies

5.     Readiness. Identify and implement mitigation strategies, policies and training to Y/YA and to the organization

6.     Change Leverage. Apply Stages of Change to Y/YAs and other audiences to identify/use powerful change levers   

7.     Action Plan. Create tasks and action steps for project recruitment and micro-implementation action plans

8.     Assessment. Conduct a self-assessment of your change initiative and create a process for adaptation and innovation


Benefits of Certification

What you’ll get out of it?

You will receive a certificate of completion as a SLA practitioner upon completion of the program (live and self-study = 32 hours) and an individual or group project (show and tell = 5 hours). The virtual program is run similarly to an in-person program and sessions will not be recorded. You must be in attendance at all live virtual sessions to receive a certificate of completion (total of 37 hours). You'll have a year to make up any missed sessions.

How to become a Certified SLA Practitioner?

If you wish to become a Certified SLA Practitioner, you must attend all live zoom modules of the SLA program and complete an individual or group project during the program or within one year. Don’t worry, you’ll have access to coaching from Silver Linings International to support you. 

What is the SLA Project that you’ll need to complete?


You get to choose a new workgroup, committee, panel, board, activity, or council, etc, that involves Y/YAs that you design or one that you are providing oversight to that you want to improve. You will work on that project throughout the length of the program applying each point of best practice. I will give you the support and coaching you need to be successful. Weeks 9 and 10 sessions are designed for participants to do a 10-15 minute presentation of their projects to your cohort. This is a great way to show what you are doing, get feedback, and learn from what others are doing. Maybe you will find new opportunities to collaborate on projects in the future!

Benefits of completing the SLA Program and becoming a Certified SLA practitioner: 

o Receive a Certificate of Completion and display the certification seal on your resume, social media and organizational materials.

o Access to the learning platform for a year

o Opportunity to create and participate in your own local zoom SLA community of practice called “SLA Connected – (your locality)”

o Be a SLA practitioner and Champion in your community to promote SLA Best Practice

o Receive coaching from Silver Linings International to support your individual or group project

o Opportunity to co-facilitate and co-train a SLA Certification Program

o Be featured on the Silver Linings International Website as a Certified SLA Practitioner and/or Champion


Ongoing benefit after SLA Program Completion:

The National SLA Community of Practice, known as SLA Connected - Central, is an active group of SLA Graduates from communities all around the globe. The benefits of participation in this monthly SLA Connected Zoom Call: 

o To network

o To stay connected

o Celebrate successes

o To get updates about the SLA Program

o Ask for assistance and brainstorm solutions

o To learn from other communities and locals

o Share training, articles, tools, materials, etc.

Scheduling & Program Details

Here’s how I’ll help you learn:


Over 10 weeks, you’ll have both self-study (20 hours) materials and project related activities to read and complete on your own and virtual live zoom classes (20 hours) that include an orientation, mini-lectures, small and large group discussions meant to stretch your thinking and deepen your learning experience (weeks 1-8). You will present your final project on week 9 (2.5 hrs) and week 10 (2.5 hrs). 

Each participant has access to one coaching session and weekly office hours during the 10 week program.



The SLA Program runs for 10 weeks, once a week for 2.5 hours plus a one hour orientation prior to the start of the first module. The week in between modules is intentional so that participants have the time to work on their individual or group project. In certain circumstances, the program can also be scheduled for an intensive 3-5 week format.


Contact me directly to schedule a SLA certification program training for your community so that we can customize to your needs and preferred dates/times.

The investment is $1997.00 per participant.

Minimum and Maximum capacity for one cohort is 8 - 25 participants. 

Post Program Bonus Coaching/Consultation:


1 hour of individual post program coaching and consultation and monthly SLA connected group calls post program from Silver Linings International for up to a year.

Yearly Recertification:

The cost of yearly recertification is based on which level you choose: 

•$197 (basic – required refresher course and continued access to the learning platform (2.5 hrs)

•$297 (basic + SLA summit)

•$497 (basic + SLA summit + 2 coaching/consultations)

•$997 (basic + SLA summit + 6 coaching/consultation)

•$1497 (basic + SLA summit + 12 coaching/consultation)